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News guides 10 November 2023, 03:49

author: Adam Adamczyk

Colony Ship RPG Companion List

In this guide you will learn the complete list of companions available in Colony Ship RPG. Read our article to learn more.

Source: Iron Tower Studio

Colony Ship is a very warmly received isometric RPG. In the game we traverse a world full of details, perform tasks and fight enemies. You do not have to fight your battles alone, however, because at various stages of the game you can meet someone who will agree to join the party. In this guide you will learn about the full list of companions in Colony Ship.

List of companions in Colony Ship RPG


You will find him in The Pit while performing the quest Neighborhood Watch. He is great with sniper rifles and is a valuable member at the beginning of the game.

Unique Feats:

Defender/Sniper - When in cover: Ballistic DR 2, Aimed ranged attacks cost -2 AP.

Desperado - When NOT in cover: AP 2, Initiative 4, Reaction 20


This is another character found in The Pit. Her main advantage is her high Intelligence.

Unique Feats:

Assassin - increases Melee Damage by 2 and adds 5 Critical Chance, 10 Penetration and 15 Takedown.

In addition, she has access to a feat called Thief, which increases her stealth, lockpicks and theft skills.


Jed is the third character to be encountered in The Pit. He excels in combat and can wear heavy armor.

Unique Feat:

Punisher - 4 Initiative, 1 Natural DR, 12 Recoil Control, 2 Melee Damage


Mathias can be found in Church. He is an excellent tank who does well at short ranges, especially if you equip him with a shotgun.

Unique Feat:

Unwavering Faith - All Resistances 30%, 1 Ballistic and Melee DR, 1 Regen


You will meet this companion in Brotherhood. Its main advantage is proficiency in Pistols, and a high chance of dealing critical damage.

Unique Feat:

Enforcer - Critical Chance 4%, Critical Damage 15%, Stagger 20%.


You will recruit the character in Protectors. She specializes in SMGs and excels at medium and close range.

Unique Feat:

Spec Ops - Evasion 20%, Reaction 20%, Penetration 10%.


He can be recruited by completing the task Bounty Hunter. He is excellent with Energy Pistols and can sneak well.

Unique Feat:

Outcast - Critical Damage 15%, Evasion 20%, Regen 1


She can also be unlocked after completing the quest Bounty Hunter. The character is great at fighting at longer distances and using Energy Weapons.

Unique Feat:

Third Daughter - XP Bonus 20%, Neural Resistance 30%, Party Initiative 4

Colony Ship

Colony Ship

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