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News guides 08 November 2023, 04:54

author: Ewa Ichniowska

The Best Weapon in Star Ocean the Second Story R

The best weapons in Star Ocean The Second Story R will make your progress through the game much easier. Find out how to get them early on in this guide.

Source: Star Ocean the Second Story R, developer: Square Enix

Star Ocean The Second Story R is a challenging game, but with powerful weapons, even the hardest fight can become manageable. What’s more, some of these game-breaking items are available early on in your playthrough, as long as you have some luck and preservance. Check out how to get top-tier weapons in Star Ocean 2 Remake.

Star Ocean the Second Story R - Best Weapon

This guide will focus on The Sword of Marvels and Aeterna+, swords for Claude, one of the main heroes and a powerful character recommended even in late-game parties. As both these swords boast incredibly high attack and can be obtained relatively early on, they can be considered the best weapons in the game.

Keep in mind that both swords might require saving and reloading the game repeatedly (save-scrumming), as getting either is luck-based even on high skill levels.

The Sword of Marvels

The Sword of Marvels in Star Ocean the Second Story R has 1100 ATK, which makes a huge difference in combat. It can be obtained at a low chance from Goodie Boxes.

Although one Box can be pickpocketed from a NPC in Marze, the best way to get Goodie Boxes is through the Art Speciality Skill:

  1. Level up Determination as far as you can before getting Art to around level 4.
  2. Head to the The Rare Trinket Shop in Krosse City and purchase Magic Clay.
  3. Go to the Art Speciality menu and create Strange Goods (1 per 1 Magic Clay) for a chance to get Goodie Boxes.

If you manage to get several Boxes, save the game before opening them. If you don’t pull Sword of Marvels, reload the game and try again. You can also obtain some other powerful weapons, such as Sorceress Knuckles for Rena in this way.


The Aeterna+ has an amazing 1600 ATK, so it’s worth the difficult crafting process.

Getting this sword requires progressing to the final of Lacuer Armory Contest and getting defeated by Dias. Afterwards:

  1. Speak to the shop owner you got a sponsorship from.
  2. Do not leave town.
  3. Go to see Gamgee in a house up a hill.
The Best Weapon in Star Ocean the Second Story R - picture #1
Gamgee’s house. Source: Star Ocean The Second Story R, developer: Square Enix
  1. Get the Deadly Edge.
  2. Save the game.
  3. Level up the ESP Skill for the chance to get Mythrill. Reload until you get 2 pieces.
  4. Save again.
  5. Go to the Customization Speciality menu and combine Deadly Edge with 1 Mithril to make Blade of Minos. Reload if you fail.
  6. Save once you have Blade of Minos.
  7. Combine it with the other Mithril piece to get the Aeterna+.

Your chances to succeed will increase with your Customization level. Just be mindful that if you want a challenge, Aeterna+ might make the game too easy.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Star Ocean: The Second Story R

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