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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

You must gather your party, again Baldurs Gate 3 guide, walkthrough and best tips - here you will find information about character classes, creation, abilities, perks and combat system. We have included a full walkthrough of the main and side quests.

Last update: 09 October 2023

This guide for Baldurs Gate 3 is a complete source of knowledge regarding this new adventure in the world of Forgotten Realms, in which our hero attempts to repel an invasion of evil Mind Flayers. Using our BG3 guide will primarily assist you in creating and developing the best character, managing your party, winning turn-based battles, exploring the world and discovering the world map, sneaking and upgrading equipment. We have prepared a walkthrough of all main, side, and companion quests with all important choices, as well as puzzle solutions, which can lead you to various secrets and collectibles. Finally, you can get some tips on how to complete Baldur's Gate 3 in 100%, check the system requirements, and learn how to get all the trophies.

Baldurs Gate 3: Guide content

Before you delve into our guide to Baldurs Gate 3, we recommend checking out the Tips and tricks, where you can find several useful tips on how to avoid frequently made mistakes, explore the environment, avoid battles, pass skill checks, and other important gameplay mechanics. The chapter dedicated to the basics of BG3 describes topics such as combat, exploration, romances, sneaking, skills, abilities, Multiclass characters or stealing.

We have devoted a lot of space to the character creation and development process. In addition to discussing the character creator, you will find detailed descriptions of all character classes (fighter, wizard, rogue, hunter, cleric, warlock, paladin, druid, monk, bard, barbarian, sorcerer) along with their unique features, specializations and the best builds, as well as overviews of all the races available in the game. Our guide also has tips on party management. We described all the companions (Laezel, Astarion, Shadowheart, Gale, Wyll, Karlach, Halsin, Minthara and others) who can join you. You will also learn about giving commands, creating the optimal party, and interacting with allies in the party camp.

A very important part of our BG3 guide is a detailed walkthorugh. Our walkthrough covers all main, side and companion quests. You will learn how to start quests, be prepared for the eventual major decisions and consequences, as well as what rewards there may be for completing them. The main part of the walkthrough is supplemented by a chapter on boss battles and recommended combat tactics, as well as solutions to environmental puzzles, which can open new passages or unlock collectibles (amulets, rare equipment, quest items, etc.).

If you have a question or are interested in a certain topic, the FAQ section will have the needed answer. We divided the questions into larger categories such as campaign progression, combat and exploration, and character and party development. On selected pages, you can learn, e.g. how to use fast travel, how to quickly accumulate XP, how to disarm traps, how to locate secret passages, how to die less, how to heal party members, how to avoid fights, how to talk to the dead or animals, what is the maximum level, how to read minds, how to repeat skill checks, how to split the party, how to increase the carrying limit, how to reset character development, or how to learn spells.

Bigger chapters are supplemented by a number of smaller pages. You'll find information regarding trophies, controls, PC system requirements, co-op, and how long does it take to beat BG3. Moreover, we prepared a separate chapter on the universe of Baldur's Gate, including a summary of events from BG 1 and BG 2, and whether knowing the series is required to fully enjoy BG3.

Baldurs Gate 3: Tips and Tricks

  1. Use manual saves. In Baldur's Gate 3, your party members can die fast, or you can make a mistake during a quest and block yourself from getting the best outcome.
  2. Look for alternative solutions. BG3 rewards creative approach to problems. For example, thanks to clever answers during a conversation, you may avoid a difficult battle, or find a less troublesome passage to a guarded location.
  3. Make sure to reveal and disarm traps. Always take a party member with you that has the ability and necessary equipment to disarm traps. Some traps can deal heavy damage or even kill a party member.
  4. Use terrain to your advantage. You can place party members before initiating a battle, or use environmental traps (e.g. exploding barrels, puddles that can be ignited).
  5. Recruit the first party members as soon as possible. Traveling as a full party can make battles and puzzles easier, since you have access to a variety of skills from various classes and races.
  6. Check enemy cards. There you can learn about their basic attacks, resistances, armor, or general statistics. This will make eliminating them easier.

More tips can be found on a dedicated page Tips and Tricks.

Baldurs Gate 3: Basics

  1. All Romances - On this page, we show who you can romance, as well as what are the requirements for romancing a given character.
  2. Lockpicking - On this page, we list the requirements for successfully lockpicking doors or containers, as well as show what to do when you encounter a more difficult lock.
  3. Dialogues - We describe the use of unique dialogue options that appear in certain conversations, and explain why some dialogue options may be locked.
  4. Combat - visit this page to get some useful tips regarding combat. You will learn about, e.g. the turn-based combat system, types of damage, or the use of the battlefield.
  5. Stealth - On this page, we show how to avoid detection, how the game warns of being detected, and how to use stealth to your advantage during certain quests and exploration.
  6. Character creation - On this page, you can find all the basic features of the character creator that allows creating a personalized, unique hero.
  7. Abilities - This page has a list of all Abilities along with a short description for each of them. You will also learn about the use of Abilities in skill and proficiency checks.
  8. Feats - here you can find a list of all Feats along with information regarding their requirements and effect. We also recommend the best Feats.
  9. Skills - This page describes all skills available in the game. We also explain their connections to Abilities and their availability for various character classes.
  10. Exploration - Here you can find a list of tips dedicated to exploration. You will also learn how to use the map to make exploration easier.
  11. Theft - We show how to steal without being detected. There are separate sections for pickpocketing and lockpicking doors and containers.
  12. Merchants - From this page you'll learn basic information about merchants. We have described topics such as unlocking merchants, differences between trade and barter and stealing from traders.
  13. Multiclass - We explain how to create a multiclass character and what are its advantages and disadvantages.
  14. Inspirations - From this page of the guide, you will learn how to obtain inspiration points, necessary for passing checks.
  15. Interface - On this page you'll learn all about BG3's rather complex interface.
  16. Many romances at once - On this page you'll learn can you romance multiple people at once and how would such relationships look like.
  17. Enemy of Justice - Here you will learn how to deal with this specific status.
  18. Legendary items - We have created a list of legendary items along with their statistics.
  19. Best Illithid powers - On this page we have included information about this skill tree along with a list of perks we recommend.

Baldurs Gate 3: FAQ


  1. How to save the game? - We described whether the game has auto and manual saves. You'll also find some tips on what is the best time to save.
  2. Can you change the difficulty level? - We suggest how and when you can change the difficulty level, and how to make battles against elite monsters easier.
  3. How to find quest locations? - We explain how to use the journal and how to read markers on your map.
  4. Who are the antagonists? - This page describes all major antagonists you'll face in BG3.
  5. Are there dragons? - On this page, you will learn if and when you can face dragons in BG 3 who were the most challenging enemies in previous Baldur's Gate games.
  6. How to get Infernal Iron? - This page explains how to find the item needed to repair Karlach Infernal Engine.
  7. What are karmic dice? - Read this page if you need explanation and advice on whether to enable this option or not.
  8. Who is the strange ox? - Here we explain who the mysterious animal is and how to meet it.


  1. Can you repeat a skill check? - This page explains skill checks and answers whether you can repeat a failed skill check.
  2. How to use fast travel? - We explain fast travel and to what locations you can travel to.
  3. How to and why should you jump? - In BG3, there is an option to perform jumps and on this page, we show where can you use this ability.
  4. How to light a torch? - We show how to use torches to light up dungeons and other dark locations.
  5. How to disarm traps? - Here we describe how to reveal and disarm traps. Moreover, you'll learn the requirements for disarming and what are the dangers of interacting with traps.
  6. How to find secret passages? - During exploration of various locations, you may encounter secret passages that will make it easier to reach your destination. We show how to find them.
  7. How to highlight objects? - The ability to highlight interactive objects is a very useful tool when exploring and searching for loot.
  8. How to illuminate darkness? - During your travels in BG3 you may encounter very dark locations, but the area can be illuminated with, e.g. magic.
  9. How to talk with the dead? - We inform of the requirements for communicating with the souls of the dead and what are the uses for this mechanic.
  10. How do you talk to animals? - Learn who can talk to animals, how this works and what are the possible benefits.
  11. How to get in the goblin camp? - The goblin camp is one of the important locations from act 1. On this page, we show all possible ways of entering the camp, including those requiring stealth.
  12. Should I give Witch the eye? - You meet Aunt Ethel in act 1 and we answer whether you should agree to her plan of removing the parasite.
  13. Do I need to know the previous parts? - We answer whether you need to know the plot of BG1 and BG2 and be familiar with the DnD mechanics.
  14. How to read minds? - Learn how to obtain the Detect Thoughts spell and how to use it during conversations with NPCs.
  15. How to enter the Underdark? In this section of the site, you'll find all the possible ways into this land.
  16. How to steal? - In BG3, thanks to theft, you can acquire a lot of interesting loot. On this page, you will find all the different methods of theft.
  17. Are there spiders in the game? - a page for arachnophobes.
  18. Where to find a shovel? - This page of the guide explains how to locate this useful item in the game.
  19. What are Soul Coins? - On this page we explain how to find soul coins and what to use them for.
  20. How to exit the Enclave Library? - On this page we explain how to leave this area in the Druid Grove.
  21. How to get through Rocky Crevices? - This page contains tips for navigating through narrow gaps that you will encounter during exploration.
  22. Where is Crèche Y'llek? - Read this page if you are looking for a Githyanki Crèche in act one.
  23. Underdark or Mountain Pass - what to choose? - Check this page if you are wondering which path to choose.

Character and party development

  1. Which class to choose? - Are you playing BG3 for the first time and you don't know which of the 12 classes to choose? This page of the guide suggests how to choose a character that fits your play style.
  2. Why does water harm Astarion? - This page explains why Astarion the elf receives damage upon contact with water.
  3. How to gain experience points? - On this page, you can find some tips on how to get XP faster.
  4. How to check companion approval? - Maintaining good relations with party members is important. Read this page to learn how to check them.
  5. How to split the party? - Dividing the party into smaller groups can be helpful when trying to surprise enemies or solve puzzles. On this page we explain this mechanic in detail.
  6. Is there capacity limit? - On this page, we show how to check item weight, what items weigh the most, and how over encumbering party members affects the gameplay.
  7. How to learn spells? - We describe what are scrolls, and how to unlock new spells.
  8. Who is Dark Urge? - We explained the assumptions of the unique character called Dark Urge who can be selected in the creator, as well as how playing it affects the gameplay.
  9. Can you respec a character? - You will find detailed information on how to reset character development without restarting the entire game to develop other statistics and create a different build.
  10. Who is Origin Character? - We explain who the characters with pre-determined appearance and history are, how to choose one of them, and how this changes the course of the game.
  11. What is the maximum level? - The page answers what is the highest available experience level in BG3.
  12. How to adopt a dog? - on this page you'll learn how to adopt a dog.
  13. How to return to the creator? - Accidentally quit the creator too early? On this page we explain how to return to character creation.
  14. How does the Mask of the Shapeshifter work? - This page explains how to acquire and how to use this intriguing item.
  15. How to change the character's appearance? - are you having second thoughts about your character's appearance? On this page, we answer is it possible to change your appearance after finishing character creation.
  16. Who is the Guardian? - after creating your protagonist, you'll need to create a Guardian. On this page, you'll learn who they are and what role do they play.
  17. What are Illithid Powers? - On this page, we explain what the hidden skill tree is and what are the best abilities on it.
  18. What does Tavern Brawler feat provide? - On this page you will learn how to obtain a feat that will allow you to deal bonus damage without using a weapon.
  19. What is Divine Intervention? - On this page, we describe what one of the Cleric's class abilities is.
  20. Who is Tav? - A mysterious character who may appear unexpectedly during the game.


  1. How to die less often? - This page contains a variety of tips on how to protect party members from dying.
  2. How to heal heroes? - We describe all major ways of healing, including potions, magic, abilities, or objects in the world.
  3. How to read character statuses? - There are multiple positive and negative statuses in the game that can be applied to heroes and enemies alike - we show how to read them properly.
  4. How to avoid death? - The page explains what are the dice rolls against death and how to use the Scroll of Revivify to bring characters back to life.
  5. Is it possible to avoid a fight? - On this page, we show ways of avoiding combat, e.g. through skillful conversation or simply by avoiding enemies.
  6. What are bonus actions? - We explain how to read bonus actions and how to distinguish between those marked in red and blue colors.
  7. How to throw items? - We describe step by step how to throw an item and what are the potential uses of this action during gameplay.
  8. How and for what dip a weapon? - We explain whether you can dip a weapon and what are the benefits of this.
  9. Why and how to knock someone unconscious? - You will find out whether it's possible to stun characters instead of killing them and what practical use this may have.
  10. How to throw a character? - In BG3, it is possible to throw selected party members and opponents. We will explain how to use this option and what are its most important uses.
  11. How to revive a character? - You don't know how to revive a knocked out character from your party? On this guide page, we explain how to do it.

Baldurs Gate 3: All character classes


  1. Guide - We have compiled available styles, abilities, and specializations for the Fighter class.
  2. Best build - We show how to create a an optimal Fighter build, and what are its main elements.


  1. Guide - There, you will find the most important information about this character class.
  2. Spells - We list and describe available spells for Wizard.
  3. Best races - On this page we choose the most suitable races for the Wizard class.
  4. Best build - We show how to create an optimal Wizard build and what are its main components.


  1. Guide - If you're considering choosing this class, it's worth reading the page where we've compiled its most important features.
  2. Best races - On this page we show the most suitable races for Rogue class.
  3. Best build - We show how to create an optimal Rogue build, and what are its main components.


  1. Guide - This page describes, among other things, the best origins, races, and subclasses for this character.
  2. Spells- We list and describe available spells for the Ranger.
  3. Best races - On this page we choose the most suitable races for the Ranger class.
  4. Best build - We show how to create a good Ranger build, and what are its main components.


  1. Guide - The page describes the main variants of the Cleric class, as well as its properties and Skills.
  2. Best spells - We have prepared a list of spells that are worth choosing when playing this character.
  3. Best races - On this page we choose recommended races for the Cleric class.
  4. Best build - We show how to create a good and versatile Cleric build, and what are its main components.


  1. Guide - This page describes such as best races, subclasses, and ability points for Warlock.
  2. Spells- We list and describe available spells for Warlock.
  3. Specializations - On this page we focus on specializations available for the Warlock.
  4. Best races - On this page we show the most recommended races for Warlock.
  5. Best build - We show how to create an optimal Warlock build, and what are its main components.


  1. Guide - We've selected the best race, spells, abilities, and origins for a Paladin, as well as the recommended fighting style. You will also learn about the Paladin's subclasses and about the best build for the Paladin class.


  1. Guide - We provide information about the best race, abilities and origin for a Druid. You will also learn about the best subclasses and forms for the Druid and about the recommended build for the Druid class.
  2. Best spells - On this page you will find our list of recommended spells that you can choose while playing this class


  1. Guide - We have prepared the best origin, abilities, and race of a Monk. In addition to this, you will find information about the recommended fighting style for a Monk, suggested spells and subclasses, as well as the best build for the Monk class.


  1. Guide - You will learn about the recommended race, origin, abilities and spells of the Monk. We have also prepared information about recommended Monk subclasses and the optimal Monk build.


  1. Guide - This page is a comprehensive description of key features of characters from this class.
  2. Best spells - If you don't know which of the many spells available for the Bard to choose, you will find the best spells for this class selected by us on this page.


  1. Guide - We have selected the best race, origin, and abilities for a Barbarian. You will also find out whether you should wear armor, as well as what are the best subclasses, class actions and builds for the Barbarian.


  1. Guide - We chose the best race, abilities and origin of the Sorcerer. You will also find tips on the best subclasses and spells, as well as on the recommended build for a Sorcerer.

Baldurs Gate 3: All races

  1. Elf - On this page, we inform of Elven racial traits, subraces, and the recommended classes for this race.
  2. Half-Elf - On this page we detail of Half-Elven racial traits, subraces, and the recommended classes for this race.
  3. Halfling - On this page we detail Halflings' racial traits, subraces, and discuss the recommended classes for this race.
  4. Tiefling - Here you can read more about Tieflings' racial traits, subraces, and recommended classes for this race.
  5. Drow - Here you can read more about Drows' racial traits, subraces and recommended classes for this race.
  6. Githyanki - We have prepared information on Githyanki racial traits, subraces, and recommended classes for this race.
  7. Dwarf - We have prepared information on Dwarven racial traits, subraces, and recommended classes for this race.
  8. Human - If you want the basic experience, choose this race. We inform about Humans' racial traits, subraces and recommended classes for this race.
  9. Dragonborn - On this page you will find all the subraces and racial abilities of these lizard-like creatures.
  10. Half-Orc - This strong race will make the fights easier for you. Read about their racial abilities and recommended classes.

Baldurs Gate 3: Party

  1. All companions - We prepared a list of all characters that can join your party along with information on where to find them.
  2. Us - You will learn how to recruit a mind flayer in the prologue and whether the talking brain can help in battles.
  3. Laezel - We suggest how to recruit the Githyanki in the prologue and in act 1, how to gain the woman's approval and what are Laezel's main stats.
  4. Astarion - We explain where you can find the vampire and how to join him to the party, as well as what are the unique and important statistics of this Elf.
  5. Shadowheart - You will learn where to find the cleric on board the ship or in act 1, how to recruit the woman and what are Shadowheart's basic stats.
  6. Gale - We have included instructions on how to recruit the wizard in the first act, how to increase his approval, and what statistics and equipment Gale has.
  7. Wyll - We described how to join the Warlock from the Druid Grove in act 1, as well as how to improve relations with the Wyll and what are the Warlock's most important stats.
  8. Karlach - We explain where the Tiefling is hidding in act 1, how to help Karlach and get her as a companion, as well as what are her basic stats.
  9. Halsin - Learn where the Druid is imprisoned, how to free him and recruit him, how to build good relationships, and what statistics and skills Halsin possesses.
  10. Minthara - This page describes the Drow woman from the Goblin Camp from act 1. You will find out how to join Minthara to your party by making the correct decisions and what are her statistics.
  11. Party management - We have prepared practical tips on how to lead a party, how to develop individual heroes, how to issue orders and how to open party members' inventory.
  12. Party composition - This page shows how to choose the party members based on class, usefulness in combat, or the ability to heal or cast spells.
  13. Camp - This page is dedicated to the party's camp. Here you will learn how to enter the camp and how to leave it, as well as what interactions are possible while in the camp.

Baldur's Gate 3: All romances

  1. Halsin - On this page of the guide, you will find information on how to start a romance with the shapeshifting druid.
  2. Karlach - This page of the guide describes how to start a romance with the barbarian.
  3. Karlach - You need to recruit the tiefling first (Chapter 1).
  4. Gale - A relationship is an option right after recruiting him in Chapter 1.
  5. Shadowheart - A relationship with this character can be developed after recruiting her at the ruins.
  6. Lae'zel - for the relationship to occur and flourish , you need to save this character in Chapter 1 and behave according to her wishes.
  7. Wyll - A character met in Druid Grove during Chapter 1.
  8. Minthara - A Drow NPC encountered for the first time in Goblin Camp in Chapter 1.
  9. Astarion - You can start a relationship with this elf-vampire beginning from Chapter 1.

Baldurs Gate 3: All bosses

  1. Phase Spider Matriarch - On this page we show how to reach and how to defeat the giant spider in Act 1.
  2. Lump The Enlightened - One of the ogres encountered in Act 1. We show how to prepare for the battle against the ogres and how to use the environment to your advantage.
  3. Auntie Ethel (Green Hag) - We show how to reach the Hag in Act 1 and how to get through the tunnel leading to her lair.
  4. Owlbear - We show how to reach this creature in Act 1 and how to prepare before the fight.

Baldurs Gate 3: Puzzle solutions

  1. Myrnath and the talking brain - Nautiloid - This is a puzzle from the prologue involving Myrnath who is being operated on. We've described all skill checks and their requirements and how to unlock Us the mind flayer.
  2. Locked chest - Nautiloid - A simple puzzle involving a chest appearing in the prologue. We show where to find the chest while onboard Nautiloid, where is the key, and what can be received from the chest.
  3. Overgrown Ruins - Unlocking the entrance to the ruins is one of the bigger puzzles in chapter 1. We described all main ways of entering the ruins.
  4. Chest near the Owlbear lair - This page shows how to reach the lair in chapter 1 and how to safely open the golden chest that is protected by magic.
  5. Runes puzzle in Emerald Grove - We describe the puzzle with stone slabs available in chapter 1.
  6. Prisoners in pods - Nautiloid - We explain where to search for prisoners onboard Nautiloid, what are the uses for the 3 buttons and how to deal with the imprisoned Shadowheart.
  7. The door in the witch's hideout - Learn how to reach the witch's hideout in chapter 1 and what are the requirements for opening the deformed door.
  8. Moon puzzle - The page describes a puzzle with panels showing the phases of the moon in act 1. We show how to properly set up the panels.
  9. Necromancy book and traps - We show how to safely take the necromancy book from the cellar explored in chapter 1 and how to avoid triggerring the traps.
  10. Nettie and the antidote - We suggest what to do with Nettie's medicine from Druid Grove and how to obtain the antidote.
  11. Riddle of the paladins' building cellar - On this page we answer how to find and open the secret passage in the tax collector's building.
  12. Ornate Mirror - This object is in the basement under the Blighted Village - learn here how to talk to it.

Baldurs Gate 3: Walkthrough


  1. Escape from Nautiloid - This is the prologue quest taking place on a flying ship Nautiloid. We show how to reach the bridge and sabotage the ship.

Act 1

  1. Removing the Parasite - This is an important quest in which you attempt to remove the parasite from your body.
  2. Explore the Ruins - On the page we show all possible entrances to the ruins and how to behave during the conversation with the hooded figure.
  3. Child's Trial - Thanks to our walkthrough, you'll learn how to save Arabella and where to search for her parents.
  4. Free Lae'zel - Our walkthrough shows all possible variants of the confrontation with Githyanki and informs how to recruit Lae'zel.
  5. Get help from healer Nettie - On this page, we show where to find Nettie, and how to obtain the antidote.
  6. Deal With Auntie Ethel - A major quest involving a visit to the marshes and visiting a witch - Auntie Ethel.
  7. Rescue the Gnome - A quest in which you deal with a group of goblins and stop a windmill.
  8. Save the Goblin Sazza - From our walkthrough, you'll see whether it pays off and how to save Sazza imprisoned in Druid Grove.
  9. Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help - This quest involves a meeting with a priestess in goblin camp and we advise whether you should drink the potion she prepares for you.
  10. Teahouse - The quest involves saving Mayrina. We show how to reach the Witch's workshop and search it correctly.
  11. Find the Missing Shipment - From our walkthrough, you'll learn where to look for survivors connected to this quest and how to meet Rugan's allies.
  12. Hunt the Devil - Learn where to find the devil and whether you should kill Karlach or Anders.
  13. Rescue the Trapped Man - We show where to find Benryn the elf, where to find Miri and the statue.
  14. Search the Cellar - A quest about finding and stealing a necromancy book. We also describe a choice of opening or destroying the book.
  15. Save the Archdruid - On this page we explain how to save Halsin in his bear form and defeat the Goblin leaders.
  16. Underdark - Here we describe this location you will reach in the first act.
  17. Grymforge - On this page, you will learn how to reach Adamantine Forge.
  18. Mountain Pass - If you didn't choose the Underdark, you will need a guide for this dangerous location.
  19. Find a Githyanki Crèche - On this page, you will learn how to heal your heroes and whether you can remove the parasite.

Act 2

  1. Reach the Moonrise Towers - On this page, we explain where to find the moon lantern and how to save Isobel.
  2. Gauntlet of Shar - Read this page to learn how to find Ketheric Thorm's relic.
  3. Attack the Moonrise Towers - On this page, you will learn how to defeat Ketheric Thorm together with your allies.
  4. Wake Up Art Cullagh's - The man at the Last Light Inn needs your help. Read this page to learn how to help him.
  5. Lift the Shadow Curse - Find out how to convince Halsin and save Thaniel.
  6. Find Arabella's Parents - On this page, you will learn how to help the heroine in House of Healing.
  7. Punish the wicked - On this page, you will learn how to find the notebook needed to complete the quest.

Act 3

  1. Rivington - On this page, you will learn how to go through one of the largest locations in the game and what side quests await you in this region.
  2. Confront the Elder Brain - On this page, you will learn how to find the Netherbrain and how to help Orpheus.
  3. Consider Gortash's Bargain - This short quest involves talking to a specific character. Read how to do this correctly.
  4. Destroy the Elder Brain - A difficult journey through Baldur's Gate and a fight with the Netherbrain awaits you.
  5. Find the Missing Letters - This short quest mainly involves convincing Gale's little companion that you are right.
  6. Find the 'Stern Librarian' Ffion - Your task is to find a certain woman. Check where to look for her.
  7. Investigate the Murders - On this page, we describe this extensive quest. One of its objectives is to fight Sarevok Anchev.
  8. Get Orin's Netherstone - On this page, you will learn how to find and fight Orin.
  9. Help the Devilish Ox - This very short quest will unlock the ability to summon an unusual ally.
  10. Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders - On this page, you will learn how to talk to the dead and how to find the list of the targets needed to complete the task.

Baldurs Gate 3: PC system requirements

Below you can find minimum system requirements of Baldur's Gate 3:

  1. Processor: Intel i5 4690 / AMD FX 8350
  2. RAM: 8 GB
  3. Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 970 / RX 480 4 GB VRAM
  4. Operating system: Windows 10 / 11
  5. Disk space: 150 GB
  6. DirectX: 11

You can get more information regarding the game's performance on the System requirements page.

Baldurs Gate 3: Game length

A standard playthrough of Baldur's Gate 3's campaign should take from 75 to 100 hours, so it is an exceptionally long game.

A thorough exploration of the regions, completing all possible quests, and collecting all loot may even double this time.

Baldurs Gate 3: Language versions

BG3 is available in 9 different languages. Unfortunately, only the English version offers voiced dialogues.

You can find more information on the page: Language versions.

Baldurs Gate 3: Release date

BG3 has been in Early Access for a few years and that option was only available to PC players, but the game will also be released on consoles.

  1. The release date of the PC version is August 3, 2023.
  2. The PlayStation 5 version is planned for September 6, 2023.

Unfortunately, the game won't be released for Xbox Series S/X or previous generation consoles. More information is on the page: Console versions.

About Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Author : Agnes Adamus & Jacek Halas & Lukasz Telesinski & Olga Fiszer for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

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Baldur's Gate 3 Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Larian Studios
  • publisher: Larian Studios
  • platform: PC

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Baldur's Gate 3 Mends Sequel's Greatest Flaw Right Off the Bat

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