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News movies & tv series 11 November 2023, 08:20

author: Pamela Jakiel

Scarlett Johansson Returns to Marvel After Having Sued It; What About Robert Downey Junior?

Kevin Feige decided to comment on the rumors regarding Robert Downey Jr's return to the MCU, while revealing new information about Marvel's collaboration with Scarlett Johansson.

Source: Czarna Wdowa, Cate Shortland, Marvel, 2021.

Probably most viewers, not only comic book fans, have already noticed that Marvel has not had a good run lately. For several years now, the new productions have not kept the level known from the first MCU movies, including the much-loved Iron Man. Promptly, the studio's decision-makers have decided to to take a series of corrective measures, and it was unofficially rumored that the franchise may see the return of the original Avengers cast.

Kevin Faige, one of the studio's executives was recently asked about whether Robert Downey Jr rejoining the MCU as Iron Man is possible. The filmmaker, however, dispelled the rumors. In the near future we will not see the said actor in MCU.

"No? Is that an answer? [...] The truth is we haven't even talked about it. We are working on a project with Scarlett. We love Robert, he is part of the family. But the question of him returning? We'll see."

Feige thus revealed that although Downey Jr's return has not been discussed at all, Marvel has re-established cooperation with Scarlett Johansson.. Recall that until a few months ago, the relationship between the actress and the studio was not among the best, and the star even sued the studio for not fulfilling the terms of her contract.

The conflict has apparently been resolved, and Johansson will once again contribute to the superhero franchise. However, it may be that the star will not appear in the new movies. While accepting an acting role is not out of the question, it after all, it seems most likely that the artist will take on the role of producer for an upcoming Marvel project. It may be about a show focused on the further fate of Yelena Belova, the adopted sister of Natasha Romanov.

Pamela Jakiel

Pamela Jakiel

Editor at Filmomaniak since April 2023 and now also at She supports the leading editor and the head of all newsmen. She previously wrote for naEkranie. A film scholar, a graduate of MISH at the Jagiellonian University. Her master's thesis focused on new spirituality in contemporary cinema. If she's not watching The Ninth Gate for the hundredth time, she's reading books by Therese Bohman and Donna Tartt for the first time. She prefers gnosis and dramas over horror films, Jung over Freud. In museums, she seeks out symbolist paintings, and in her dreams, she develops themes for her future novels. She runs long distances, even longer on gravel roads. She adores dachshunds.


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